Things About Examination of Infectious Diseases You Need to Know

Infectious disease is a condition that arises due to invading microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. The right diagnosis can provide information about the type and cause of infection, so that the treatment given can run effectively. Various microorganisms can live in the human body, and are generally harmless, or sometimes even can provide benefits. However, under certain conditions, these microorganisms can interfere with bodily functions by causing certain diseases. Not only caused by microorganisms that settle in the human body, an infectious disease can also arise due to transmission by sufferers of the disease. This transmission can occur through direct contact or through intermediary media, such as contaminated food, air, water, or blood. In addition, infectious diseases can also be transmitted from animals or insects. Indications for Infectious Disease Examination Examination of infectious diseases will be carried out by doctors on patients who exp
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